Bringing Skating to Physical Education

SkatePE brings inline skating into your school Physical Education programs and is delivered by an approved and credited vendor, CERTIFIED to deliver Skate PE. SkatePE enhances your PE classes introducing the life skill of skating through innovative programming, an instructor, PE aligned curriculum, inline skates, protective gear, helmets and the fun in learning how to skate in a safe and step by step method.

Studies Specific to Skating in PE classes have shown that students often have developmental deficiencies in balance and strength that can contribute to injury during physical activity.  These studies further noted: In children, inline skating is a safe, feasible (90% adherence rate), and effective program that can be integrated in physical education lessons to promote balance and strength.

SkatePE is an innovative, fun and safe method for improving balance, energizing your PE curriculum and the foundation for a wide variety of lifelong applications such as race, hockey, dance, slalom, free skate & trail skating enjoyment, use in community skate parks, fitness, basics and tricks. And while basics of skating are taught, once developed, additional segments of specific skating disciplines can be offered throughout the course.