What is Skate PE?

Skate PE was formed through a partnership between Skate IA, the premiere association for In-Line and Roller skating instructors in North America (200+ instructor members) and Alien In-Line, the largest professionally organized & run skate school in North America (100,000+ students taught annually/325+ schools).

Mission: Skate PE serves its members to enhance, educate and promote professional, safe, educational and fun in school skate programming as an alternative physical education activity for K-12 students. Through such programming, youth attain necessary skills to engage in various skating disciplines and pursuits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Objectives: Skate PE provides the following to members:

  1. Educational materials and training and seminars that expand and develop the very best practices for in school skate programming
  2. Member accreditation, certification and affiliation for member skate schools to establish their professional credentials & training
  3. Use of SkatePE logos
  4. A listing on our website as a Member In Good Standing
  5. Promote safe skating and established checks and balances that ensure participant safety and protection in the classroom
  6. Preferred rates  (deep discounts) for major manufacturer (Rollerblade, K2 & SEBA) skates & gear
  7. Opportunities to build industry relationships for member skate schools
  8. Share effective marketing, promotion and sales approaches to assist member skate schools with breaking down barriers to entry with this unique approach to skating sport education
  9. Education and information on successful business and operations practices
  10. Photos and video to assist marketing
  11. Documents to streamline your process including:
    1. Letters to parents explaining the SkatePE program
    2. Scheduling forms for schools to fill out
    3. Template contracts & liability waivers
    4. Business plan to get you clear on your vision for SkatePE (including audience, locations, ages)
    5. Checklist for what the school and PE teacher can expect on day one and more that will save you hours and money in creating.

*Some items may be opportunities to attend events and options for specialized modules and may incur extra costs.