For Skate Instructors Who Want to Create SkatePE in Their Community

Gold and Silver Olympic Gold medalist Derek Parra teaching at SLC SkatePE with US Speedskating.

Skate Instructors &/or Skate Schools can learn how to offer skating in PE classes in your community. SkatePE is a comprehensive program delivered by experts in the field which provides you with what you need to know in order to offer SkatePE in your area.

SkatePE offers a comprehensive plan and package to set up SkatePE in your area. Our manual and Certification Program includes what you need to prepare yourself to run SkatePE whether in a step-by-step system, or reviewing what you need to consider before you start, or as you grow. You can choose the components you need for your business development. Here are a few of the categories:

  • Developing a Successful Business Plan
  • Generating Client Prospects
  • Ensuring Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Employee hiring, training, development and retention
  • Aligning School PE Curriculum per age groups/grade level
  • Advice on appropriate Skate Equipment purchase, and proper maintenance
  • Training Skate PE Certified Skate Instructors
  • Managing 25-30 participants in a class for 5-7 sessions daily
  • Considerations of managing different locations/venues (gyms, trails, outdoors)
  • Equipment Insurance, tracking fleets, schools and follow through on customer service.
  • And more!

This is a small sample of the topics we offer in our program and through our supporting materials.

Our program is designed to dovetail into what you need whether it is everything from the ground up, or picking out the modules you need to improve your offerings and/or enhance your skate school operations.

Our program also offers options to embed into an established Skate PE recognized skate school to experience and learn from some of the most successful programs operating.

Additional programs:
Potential SkatePE members are also encouraged to include After School Programs, birthday parties, weekend class and pop-up rentals while building up their SkatePE program.